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At Healing By Edyta, I'm about providing top-notch service and care to each of my clients, like they're part of a family. A big thank you to amazing clients for always keeping in touch and sharing their thoughts with me!


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If you're looking for one of the best massages you have ever had, look no further! Edyta is hard working, professional and works magic with her hands, which never stop moving. My only hesitation for writing this review is fear that so many will come to see her, that I won't have enough Edyta time.
-Steve H

I am so happy I found Edyta again. I had been going once in awhile to her for pain. She had left the place I had gone to her for my massage. I did not think I would find her again. I now have found myself in so much pain and did not know why until recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease effecting my joints with terrible pain and swelling. I could not even move my neck and shoulders..She was my only saving grace!! She is sensitive and intuitive to what your body needs. I am looking forward to my next massage!!
-Xoxo Julie R

Edyta is the best masseuse in the Chicago suburbs!! I’ve tried out multiple spas in many different towns and no massage I’ve had at any of those spas has ever even come close to the massages I’ve had from Edyta. I get the worst, tight knots in the muscles in my back (and I’m only 28) and she’s literally the only person who can get them out.
She’s so awesome about adjusting massage pressure based on my specific muscle needs at each appointment. I personally prefer deep tissue massages with high pressure and she’s the only masseuse I’ve had who has been strong enough to get the awful knots out of my back. I also saw her while I was recovering from an ACL injury and she was so accommodating to work around my injured knee.

I started seeing Edyta where she used to work 2 years ago and then transferred with her to her new location because I refuse to go to another masseuse. I now consistently go to her once a month. She is so kind, joyful, accommodating, and skilled. On top of that, her location is all perfectly clean as well and I’m totally a clean freak. She runs an excellent business and I would recommend her to anyone. 10/10 stars!!!!
-Kaitlin T

Edyta is a true professional in the massage therapy industry. Her knowledge and experience are evident during treatment. Always well prepared, organized and waiting for me when I arrive with a big smile and warm personality. I would recommend 100%!
-Doug B

Edyta’s massages are customized only . She listens to human body with her hands and makes all body dreams come true and healed. I am Her follower forever. Treat Your body to Her hands
-Anna P

I am very happy and confident to let anyone who will read my testimonial know that getting an appointment with The Healing Massage Therapist Edyta Dolecki, will forever change your approach and feeling about a massage in general.
What you will get into from the moment you meet her is a mystery and a class of a woman and The Best School of massage that exists that will take you into a spiritual and professional phase like no one else would...
After the massage is over you may wonder if that was real or if you were just dreaming. The whole experience will put you into the stage of awe and a deep relaxation as you may never encountered before in your life...

When being asked about my personal experience with the Healing Master of Massage, Edyta Dolecki, my most realistic answer is:
“If you haven’t experienced a massage touch by Edyta you may not know what the angelic touch is and feels until you are in heaven...yet the question arises, why should we wait that long if we have her with us?”.
With so much love and joy,
Edyta Dolecki’s most devoted client Health Expert Master Life Coach
-Lidia Iwanowska

Edyta is an extraordinary masseuse. She can sense what parts of my body need help, and she makes them better. I come out of every session repaired and refreshed.
-Amy T

Edyta is a fantastic. massage therapist.... the best I have had. Strongly recommend her
-Frank P

My name is Elaine and I have been a customer of Edyta Dolecki for several years now. I strongly endorse her Massage Therapy practice as it has truly improved my physical and emotional well-being. The massages are a healthy blend of pleasant and professional healing, all done in a clean, respectful space. I highly recommend Edyta!
-Elaine T

The Healing Touch

What sets Healing by Edyta apart is an unwavering commitment to quality care.

True healing transcends the physical; it's about the connection, the intention, and the love put into every session.

With skilled hands and a passionate heart, I instill peace, relaxation, and balance that lingers long after you leave the massage table

My goal is to create an environment where you can find relief from pain, stress, and negative energy.

My dedication, coupled with my skill and passion for healing, makes Healing by Edyta a place where you'll feel genuinely understood and healed.

Meet Me: Edyta - Inspirational Founder

body massages, massages, massage

I'm the heart and soul of Healing by Edyta, and a shining example of passion, determination, and the power of Originally

Originally from Poland, her journey to the United States in 1996 marked the beginning of a remarkable life's work in holistic healing and massage therapy.

I started as a devoted stay-at-home mom, where I lovingly cared for my family

But my passion for spiritually helping people always burned brightly within me. This inner calling led me to go on a life-changing path as a licensed massage therapist.

body massages

I am a proud graduate of the esteemed Sohmar - School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology.

Here, I took special classes in reflexology, a practice I found so captivating that I expanded my education to become a specialist in this art as well.

A Fusion of Expertise, Innovation, and Personalization for a Holistic Wellness Experience

What makes Healing By Edyta truly exceptional is the ability to combine all methods, knowledge, and techniques to create a personalized experience that caters to your exact needs.

My goal is not just to provide a typical massage but to help you in every way possible, nurturing your body, mind, and soul in a profound, holistic way.

Whether you seek relief from the physical discomforts that life may bring, or are looking for an area where you can find comfort and rejuvenation, Healing by Edyta is here to guide you towards holistic well-being. Join me and let the healing begin.

Book your appointment today and take the first step towards a more balanced and relaxed you.