At Healing by Edyta, I offer Ma Uri and Lomi Lomi massage techniques, two unique and deeply therapeutic practices rooted in ancient Hawaiian traditions.


Ma Uri and Lomi Lomi Massag are both nurturing and holistic forms of bodywork

Ma-Uri and Lomi Lomi Massage are both nurturing and holistic forms of bodywork that aim to promote not only physical but also spiritual and emotional well-being.

These massages are often described as more than just a therapy; they are a journey to harmony and balance.

In a Ma Uri or Lomi Lomi massage session,

you can expect a deeply relaxing experience.

As a skilled therapist, I use flowing, rhythmic strokes and stretches to create a sense of continuity and connection throughout the session.

The techniques are performed with hands, forearms, and sometimes elbows, ensuring a dynamic and nurturing experience.

release not only physical tension...

One of the key principles of THESE MASSAGE TECHNIQUES is the belief that physical tension and discomfort are often manifestations of emotional or spiritual imbalances.

By working on the body as a whole, these massages aim to release not only physical tension but also emotional stress and energetic blockages.

more than just
physical relief

Consider A massage at Healing by Edyta if you're looking for a truly unique and holistic approach to relaxation and self-discovery.

The offered massages give more than just physical relief; they are a pathway to inner harmony, emotional release, and a renewed sense of vitality.